Getting bonuses for betting


Each week millions of people place wagers on sports, but many forget to get all the free bonuses avaiable. For example, you should be abler to get a Bet365 bonus or a Bwin bonus. But have you really looked for this?

Looking for bonuses

How do I find out whether I can get a bonus? This is a good question, but in reality it is very easy to do so. Simply follow a few good sties, maybe even subscribe to newsletter or push messages. These sites gets the information directly from the bookmakers and casinos, and will ping you in time to take advantageof such offers.

When will there be new bonuses

Typically bookmakers and casinos offer customers bonuses on regular basis. Typically this is done every weekend, since weekends are where most gambling happens. So operators will normally set a new bonus campaign for customers on Wednesday or Thursday to be executed during the upcoming weekend.

Types of bonuses

The type of bonus that you will get as a customers differs much from operator to operator. Some places you will get a small deposit bonus, such as deposit min 50 EUR and get 10 EUR for free. Other will get some free spins or maybe a freebet. Sometimes, you might even get some bonus for the roulette or another specific casino game.